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Have you ever wondered, why your competitors’ business is doing better than yours even though you have a better product to offer? You are not alone asking this question. This has become ever-increasing challenge for the conventional brick and mortar businesses all over the world lacking in quality business websites.

A New World

As the pace of changing technology and evolving consumer behavior is increasing day by day, only the businesses that have also embraced the change and evolved accordingly thrive. Today’s consumer has become knowledge savvy. More than 70% consumers research on internet before making a purchase. They seek opinions and they check reviews. They value testimonials. The visit the business websites and they buy online.

Whether it be an insignificant pin or a manufacturing plant, the first source of information is internet. People form opinions and perceptions based on what they see, read and hear on internet. This demands a continuous investment on this front.

First things first

The first and foremost is to have a website, not just any website but a business website that is trendy, aligned to consumer needs and creates a perception of quality and professionalism. In today’s world, with so many people searching the internet for answers your website becomes the face of your business. Professionally designed business websites generate confidence among the visitors ultimately resulting in higher conversions and more business. This makes it pertinent to stay abreast with the new trends and up-to-date digitally.

Why is a business website so important for brick & mortor businesses?

Whether it be in the same city or continents apart, your website is the first thing a customer will look for when doing business with you. Rather than asking for your business card or physical address, the customer now asks for your website address. This becomes more critical when your customer is far away and only connected to you through correspondence. In such a case your website is what your company is. Export oriented businesses should pay special attention to this. Nobody knows how big your company is or how refined your product is. All the customer can see is your business website. The customer gauges you for the design, the content, the language perfection and most important are the finer points that differentiate the extraordinary from the ordinary.

Be Professional

It takes only seconds and your company’s image is formed in the customer’s mind just from your website’s design. A good business website should establish your credibility in the first place which in turn builds the trust.  The website should also be engaging enough to ensure the customer puts in some time to know you in detail. Thirdly the design and navigation should be easy enough for the customer to navigate within your website and find what they are looking for.  More so ever, the information should support your customers to make a more informed decision. Nothing works better than standing on the side of your customer instead of opposite them. In the end, the website should be able to generate leads through a strong call to action and help to close more sales.

All in all, always ensure that the design is an extension of the professionalism you work to maintain. Although it is said not to judge a book by its cover, but still in majority of the cases the cover and the title makes all the difference. A professional and clean-looking website gives the kind of first impression that immediately impacts your business for the best.

The author is the founder of that specializes in creating powerful and result oriented business and ecommerce websites especially for export focused companies and provides the marketing consultancy services.


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